A group of professional binders has made a side step from convention and put a modern stamp on books for the 21st century. They have either developed new ideas or rekindled and updated bindings from the past. Their ideas and techniques are now brought together in this series of workshops at BINDING re:DEFINED.


During the calendar year we offer a programme of one to four-day workshops covering a range of topics. Some are suitable for those with little or no exposure to bookbinding while others are for those with more experience.                                                                


The visible mechanics of the binding is a key element in all of the courses. Many use little adhesive, open flat and possess a unique elegance. They are bindings that make an invaluable addition to the repertoire of any binder. Other professionals such as calligraphers, photographers, printmakers, architects and textile artists will find many of these structures ideal for the presentation of their work.

Participants will explore new ideas and be encouraged to think beyond the conventional. The overall role of design in making a successful binding is an important aspect of each workshop and time is spent discussing the use of colour, texture and materials as well as the advantages and applications of a particular structure. Most importantly the emphasis is on sound techniques and solid working practices. Bookbinders of all persuasions and anyone interested in the book form will find the courses rewarding, informative and will gain a wider understanding of the possibilities within binding.



Some workshops are available for private tuition if the scheduled dates aren’t suitable. Please get in touch to discuss the terms for this                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       







BINDING re:DEFINED was founded in 2011 by Lori Sauer.

She can be contacted directly at bookbindingworkshops@gmail.com

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