Scroll in a Box

Claudia Benvestito • May 21st - 23rd • Beechingstoke • £295

The workshop’s focus is the construction of a box suitable for small, vertically rolled items. The prototype was specifically designed for the housing of parchment and paper scrolls held by the Marciana National Library in Venice. The design addresses the multiple functions of storage, accessibility and safe display in exhibitions.

The main structures of this box are two paper elements: 1) a cylinder (made from Hedi Kyle’s blizzard book) to roll up the scroll, and 2) a sloped element to support the base at a desired angle.

Beginning with the construction of a small scroll, in the ancient technique of strip connections, participants will create the two core elements and then construct the box with the supporting slope.

This highly unusual class is ideal for conservators, creative bookbinders and book artists.

Experience required - ask if in doubt.

Islamic Paper Making

Radha Pandey and Johan Solberg • June 18th -19th • Beechingstoke • £195

In this 2-day workshop, students will learn about Islamic-world papermaking, and its role in the history of papermaking. On the first day, students will be introduced to fibre preparation and the papermaking technique we will use during the workshop. The day will be spent with everyone making their own stack of paper. On the second day, simple surface finishing techniques such as brush dyeing, sizing and burnishing will be shown and these will be applied to the finished sheets. Everyone will leave with a sampling of the various techniques on their own Islamic-world papers.

All skill levels welcome.

Perfect Measuring, Cutting and Folding

Tine Noreille • September 4th - 6th • Beechingstoke • £295

Tine Noreille was one of the speakers for the 2017 SoB conference. Her talk was so popular that she is returning to lecture again at the 2019 conference. Immediately after the conference she will be holding this workshop in order for enthusiasts to put her techniques into practice.

Participants will first have time to master the measuring and cutting method developed by Tine for all creative bookbinding and paper folding work.

To put this in to practice students well make at least two woven and interlocking book structures designed by C. Van Vliet and E. Steiner. These bindings open completely flat and have beautiful design details. They are ideal books for artists, graphic designers, photographers, calligraphers and all creative people.

All skill levels welcome.

Layer by Layer

Rita Lass • November 5th - 7th • £295

Rita starts with an overview of the possibilities in paper decoration. Over the course of 3 days she will demonstrate various unique techniques through the playful handling of colours and shape. The focus is to create one-off graphics and small format sheets in order to explore many options and variations. Participants will create designs with striking depth of colour, achieved through layering translucent inks, as well as dynamic surface imagery using painterly methods and geometric patterns.

Work begins with the resist techinque - building up the surface layer by layer with washes of diluted ink. She will also show how techniques can be combined with each other.

These papers are perfect for both the covers and end-sheets of books.

All Skill levels welcome.



Zhen Xian Bao or Chinese Thread Book

Lori Sauer March  23rd - 24th Beechingstoke £160

This workshop is back by popular demand. Participants spend the first day making a model to learn the folding techniques and exploring different ways to arrange the compartments of the booklet. The ‘real thing’ is then fashioned with hand-made paper and decorated with paper onlays or simple stamped motifs. Time allowing, we will attach a fabric cover. The result will be in keeping with the methods used to fashion zhen xian bao in the remote areas of southeast China.

Suitable for beginners.



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Dos Rapporté

Lori Sauer • June 25th or November 19th • Beechingstoke • £95

The dos rapporté binding (roughly translated as hooked-on spine) is a sleek and refined method of spine and board attachment allowing a perfectly flat opening. Its has an elegant and contemporary character and the clean surface invites many possibilites for design. During the day particiapnts make a full cloth binding.

Binding experience required.             

The Elbum

Lori Sauer • February 12th or June 26th • Beechingstoke • £95

A one day workshop in which participants make a very unique album that uses only friction to hold its pages in to the specially folded spine. The cover is made from a folded, single piece of material that results in multi-ply boards. It is very chic and stylish, perfect for holding postcards, photos, prints or anything printed on single sheets.

Basic  experience required.

The Shrigley

Lori Sauer • February 11th or November 20th • Beechingstoke • £95

The Shrigley is a clever and unconventional method for binding a collection of paper documents of the same size (such as postcards, photos, etc.) without the need for glue, plastic sleeves or photo corners. It has an ingenious two-sided corner construction that forms a frame on each page; participants learn how to fold the perfect concertina when making the book’s spine. Two albums will be made, one with exposed sewing on the spine and another with a wrap around cover.

Basic experience required.

The first 3 listed workshops, The Shrigley, The Elbum and The Dos Rapporté are offered as one day classes. Each is paired with another on consecutive days so that participants have the option to come to just one or to two. These are structures develpoped by Benjamin Elbel and are offered here as part of his arrangement with certified instructors.